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Please - Look Out For Each Other

Please – Look Out For Each Other

Warning: This post might be a bit of a downer, but consider it a Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood psychologist.

Today is the day in Introductory Psychology that I talk about mood disorders, schizophrenia, and suicide. (Three separate topics that can share common elements). The last item on the list holds special significance to me. I’ve lost students before to suicide,…

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Mourning Resolutions

Through the wonder that is FaceBook, I just received word that a high school classmate of mine, one that I hadn’t talked to in years (but was a FaceBook friend), passed away yesterday. Sudden heart attack at the age of 30.

Shock is the right expression for how I feel. Then sadness, because even though we weren’t close by any stretch of the imagination, it is always sad when someone who brings joy…

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Coloring as An Adult

Coloring as An Adult

One of my favorite smartphone photo editing effects is selective color removal. I used to love Camera360 for this, however they removed this feature a few years ago. Since then I’ve been looking for an app that will automatically select color, not one where I need to “paint” the area I want. The latest contender shows promise, although it isn’t perfect. Enjoy some artsy color selected Jon…

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Blogging: Does frequency count?

Blogging: Does frequency count?

Whenever I start a new blog or section of this blog, I tend to post a lot for the first few days and then slowly trail off. From what I’ve seen on the Internet, this is not uncommon. I feel lucky that I haven’t gone a whole year between blog posts (like a few friends I know), but I certainly understand how that happens.

But with the newness comes the worry of overloading the reader (Even as a…

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