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Publishing to Facebook?!?

For reasons I’ll never understand, the WordPress Jetpack social plugin that’s supposed to be able to publish my stuff everywhere(i.e. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+) sometimes doesn’t want to publish it to the network I get 70% of my traffic from: Facebook. Not sure what that is, but I’m back to the old grind of deactivating plugins trying to find out why. This post will probably go to…

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One Take Sunday Inspiration #1 - Memento Mori

A New Jon Videocast! One Take Sunday Inspiration #1 - Memento Mori

This week sees the launch of a new videocast I plan on running (hopefully weekly) named One Take Sunday Inspiration. These short videos (i.e. less than 2 minutes ) are done in “One Take” (i.e. no postproduction editing of any sort) and are on topics that strike me as interesting. This week’s: Memento Mori – or latin for “Remember that you will die”!. Seems sad, but in reality, the message is…

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Three Things I Saw Today

Three Things I Saw Today

While out today I saw this truck…


People parking near him were out of luck
When you park that poorly, I guess I can see
Why you overcompensate so thorough-a-ly

After that I saw this cart


Placed perfect like a work of art
I suspect it was left by a person in need
Whose tendencies ran a bit OCD

Finally I saw this bag

To hold things securely, read the tag
I don’t want to disparage the praises it…

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